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81 м2


Minsk, Belarus



The Vanilla Project is a three-room apartment with a total area of 81 m² located in Minsk (Belarus). The main task of the flat project was to create the most illuminated and functional space with minimum furniture.

The style of the apartment was determined by the owners' love of minimalist aesthetics and their preference for simplicity. 

The layout of the apartment could not be changed due to load-bearing walls. So we increased the illumination of the apartment with the help of an open doorway from the living room to the hallway, as well as a sliding glass partition from the kitchen to the living room. These changes have helped to let in maximum light and air to all the rooms. The sliding door from the kitchen to the living room with corrugated glass filling has become a kind of “window” to the floor. It visually corrects the elongated space of the living room by dividing it with a stream of light and creating an additional attraction point. The metal door was ordered according to my sketches. The rest of the apartment’s layout remained in its original form, as the developer intended it to be.

As a result, the apartment consists of a kitchen; a living room with a TV area and a small work desk; a master bedroom; a dressing room (which was originally a pantry); a functional room that has a sofa, a spacious closet and a workplace designed for a young girl.


In the living room, we placed a comfortable modular sofa. One of the modules has an accent color and works like an armchair. If necessary, this module can be connected with the main part of the sofa. Doing so creates the most comfortable area for movie screenings. The blue color links the interior by having the same color as the module, kitchen table support and a pouf in the hallway.

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