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100 м2


Minsk, Belarus



The 100-square-meters appartment in Minsk is designed for the young couple without children. 

The penthouse is situated in the attic-room of a 25-storeyd building.

Three-meter hight ceiling and the windows facing the forest create a special atmosphere of this apartment.

The free planning makes it possible to divide the appartment into two functional zones; the one includes a living room, a kitchen and a dining room, a guest bathroom and a dressing room, and the other contains a bedroom, a main bathroom and a spase room.The latter can serve as a study or a guest room and, in time, a nursery.

Natural finishing materials were used in the project. The wood is dominates and creates the background of the whole flat.

The apartment appears very warm and cozy, with numerous color accents and interesting details.

The project is inspired the works by American architects and designers of the fifties.

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