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75 м2


Minsk, Belarus



The concise project of a flat in Minsk, style Modern, for a young couple. 

The layout is free and conforming perfectly to their dynamic lifestyle.

The residential space is provisionally divided into two functional zones: this one provided for the rest in common, including a dinning room, a living room, a kitchen, a guest bathroom and the other including a master bedroom, a bathroom and a dressing room.

The day zone includes a living room with a sofa, a drum set, a workplace, a dining room with a bar, a modest kitchen and a guest bathroom performed in dark grey tones.

The private zone is designed as united whole intended for the two, where the bedroom opens to the corridor leading to the bathroom and the dressing room. The zone presents a relaxing space in calm and warm tones.

The interior as the whole associated in it various contrasts: warm and cold tones, soft and rough materials.

The oak parquet "French fit-tree" and wooden fronts of the furniture make the apartment elegant and charming.

The design, thus, is not dominating- on the contrary, it is quite comfortable and relaxing.

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