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Modern Villa




220 м2


Minsk, Belarus



The reconstruction of a residential house in Minsk for a young family with a child. 


Before being reconstructed, the house was a wooden one-storeyed building with a sloping roof.

The proposed reconstruction allowes to make the house area twice larger lenghtwise and to build a penthouse.  There is a living room, a kitchen, utility rooms, a guest bathroom, a hall in the ground floor, and a master bedroom, a bathroom, a children's room, a guest room are situated on the second level of the house.

The main framework of the house are wooden columns and exterior wooden walls.
The area for the house itself and around it is elongated, that is why the resolution was to make the main zone of the residential building open in the direction opposite to the carriageway, away from stranger looks.

The main entrance of the house sees the street but it is possible to get inside through the yard with a good-looking and comfortable terrace and a summer pavillion for you to have a good time.

From the terrace you have an excellent view of the forest. Sliding glass doors can be completely opened to have the living room and the terrace integrated.

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