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32 м2


Minsk, Belarus



The design of a studio apartment was created for a young couple. 

The main task was placing all the most necessary within the thirty-two-square-meters area, without overloading the space with any details.

The client wanted a cozy apartment in the Scandinavian style, it had to become modern, warm, with the right atmosphere and decor.

The apartment is located in a panel building, so a complete replanning was not possible. The only change was creating an opening in the wall between the living room and the kitchen.

The style of the apartment can be defined as Scandinavian with elements of Eco-Style and Loft style. 

Due to the small total area of the apartment, the bedroom is separated from the living room by a glass partition and thick curtains, which provides the natural lighting of the bedroom yet creates a sense of privacy.

The day zone gets a sufficient amount of sunlight due to the apartment oriented to the south.

Light interior colors visually expand the space. White color is dominant in the interior and, combined with grey tone, creates a relaxing atmosphere in the living room and the bedroom.
The dynamics of the interior are given by the contrasts in the decoration,namely the color of the wall with polygonal pattern in the bedroom, the decorative brick wall in the kitchen, and the decorative wooden slats with lighting in the entrance hall.

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